Video Tutorial: Appli-piecing the 611 Row

I promised a video tutorial on how I put the long landscape pieces of this year’s row for the 2017 Row by Row Experience.

It’s not one of my better videos, but it’s done and up, which is the important part. I had some weird formatting issues at the start, so ignore the creepy slow motion beginning, as well as my inability to look like I’m talking to the viewer. It’s been so long since I’ve done a video with my face actually on screen, that I forgot where to look!

I hope you find it useful if you decide to put the row together with turned edge applique. Handling these long landscape pieces are easily done this way. I didn’t continue the video long enough to show the machine stitching of these pieces, but I may make a follow up video showing the removal of the freezer paper and then the stitching. I did most of the pattern with turned edge applique, appli-piecing the background in my own way, followed by fusing the smaller bits.

It’s been a fun design!