Never Stop Learning!

Last week I had an opportunity to get away for an entire week for a quilt retreat. This retreat was extra special, because it was for quilt shop owners only. Seventy shops from around the nation and Canada attended.

What amazed me was how many shop owners with many years of experience in the quilt industry attended with the goal of learning something that would make their shops even better for their customers. One shop had been in existence for 36 years and while I was blown away by her knowledge, she was asking me about social media!

I say all that because it’s important to never stop learning!

Whether there’s a trick or technique to make our machines run better, a way to make a quilt faster, an easier way to work with a tricky material, a new embroidery program, or…..well, the list could go on and on. Even experienced folk can always learn something new. It makes us better, smarter, more efficient, more creative.

There is a bonus in learning something new too!

Learning new things help our brains stay sharper and more organized. Though honestly? I figure I’m learning so much in the last few years, that I ought to be sharp as a tack and yet, I’m really aware of how much more I need to learn.

Speaking of learning new things, our new class schedule is finally out! Take a look and sign up before the class fills.